A Cave in the Clouds by Badeeah Hassan Ahmed

Reviewed by K. Yanna, October 2019

Badeeah Hassan Ahmed grew up in a Yazidi family in Kocho, Iraq. She loves her rich culture, her family, and Nafaa - the boy she dances with at weddings. When her family hears of ISIS drawing near, they and other Yazidi families flee to the mountains. However, ISIS finds them and takes them as prisoners. As a prisoner, Badeeah is subject to horrors and injustices. A Cave in the Clouds recounts a brave young woman’s journey of continuing to love despite all that has been lost.

When Badeeah escapes ISIS, she struggles with the horrors she witnessed and the anger she holds. Badeeah learns to let go of the anger that consumes her with the help of family and friends. If she can’t, then not only would ISIS have taken her home, they would have taken her soul too. Inspired by the powerful women of her history and religion, Badeeah realizes, “our love is stronger than your hate.”

I would give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating as not only is the story true, it is beautifully narrated and written with a strong emphasis on women power, strength, and resilience.

Abuse and rape are both mentioned, so readers are advised.