Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy By Ally Carter

Reviewed by H. McNicol, June 2018

Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy is the second book in the thrilling Gallagher Girls series. In this book the reader will see a new twist for the Gallagher Girls to adapt to. The school year starts with the east wing being mysteriously out of use. Even with her headmistress mom, Cammie can’t seem to figure out why. The year continues with another field operation for the covert operations class. Along the way Cammie meets a boy. She thinks nothing of him, until he blows her cover and moves into the east wing. The boys of Blackthorn Academy are there for the year. It’s up to Cammie and her friends to figure out who the Blackthorn Boys really are.

This book is set for teenage audiences, but could appeal to those slightly younger. This book is action packed and continues the story of the characters people have come to love. This book is a great second edition to the Gallagher Girls series. I highly recommend reading this series.