Fast Break by Mike Lupica

Reviewed by H. Ballweg, April 2016

Jayson is a basketball star, but off the court his life is a complete mess.  He’s never known his dad, his mom has just died and her boyfriend has walked out paying only one month of bills and leaving Jayson to steal food to survive.  When Jayson gets caught trying to shoplift some basketball shoes, his whole life changes.  Jayson is put into foster care with a wealthy family, forced to switch schools and, worst of all, forced to switch basketball teams.  All in all, this book is well written.  It has a lot of play-by-play basketball action and I never got bored while reading it.  The most interesting part is the struggle Jayson has trying to switch from a life of extreme poverty to a life where he can basically have anything he wants.  I think anyone who’s really interested in basketball would find this book appealing.