The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Reviewed by A. Marquardt, October 2017

This memoir, based on the life of the author herself, follows the unique story of four siblings forced to play the roles of adults to their free-spirited parents. When sober, their father is an intelligent and inventive man who inspires the minds of his children, but following his daily routine of heavy drinking, he morphs into a monstrous dictator with no respect for anyone in his path. Meanwhile, the ignorant Mrs. Walls wishes to live a life without the weight of her children, with the hopes to pursue her artistic talents alone. The Glass Castle tells of unfortunate kids learning treacherous life lessons decades before adults experience their kinds of hardships. Jeannette does a phenomenal job by igniting a light on the shadowed stories of neglected children and their struggle toward success. If you enjoy deep books about overcoming challenges, then this book may be just for you. Beware of the intense domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and hardships included in this novel.