Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Reviewed by L. Bahr, September 2017

Jurassic Park is about an experimental new theme park that uses cloned dinosaurs as its main attraction. When the park loses power,  the dinosaurs escape, and cause havoc throughout the park. The main character, Alan Grant, must work to bring order back to the park. During a tour of the park, the power goes offline, and the T-Rex escapes from its enclosure and goes on a rampage. It is seen it as a cautionary story about the dangers of genetic engineering, but I see it also as an amazing action story about dinosaurs. In addition to the Tyrannosaurus, there are many other species of dinosaurs for the characters to marvel at -and flee from.

Jurassic Park is a book I highly recommend, especially if you enjoyed the movie. If you like thrilling adventure novels, this book is for you.