Library Lynx, April 25, 2013

It was a rollicking and harmonious crowd that filled Mark Rowley’s Harmony Bar on Saturday, April 13, 2013!  They came in support of the Library and to try their luck at winning one of the 37 items up for bids at the meat raffle.  Many thanks to Mr. Mark Rowley for designating the Library as his “favorite charity” and donating the proceeds from this exciting venture to our Friends of the Library group.  Terri Fiore worked for weeks ahead of time to purchase the items for bids, and did a fantastic job as auctioneer(ess)!  Helping her on the day of the raffle were Nicole Chapman (seller of tickets for the 50/50 raffle), Corrine Gunther, who sold the 20 paddles for each round of bidding and Patti Leaf, for helping display the items up for bid.  Not only was this a fund-raising activity, it was also a FUN-raising afternoon, as evidenced by all the smiles and applause.  The generosity of all the winners (and losers who said they didn’t mind because the money was going for a good cause), and all those involved in putting on such a successful event, was overwhelming.  The grand total at the end of the day was $1159 to help our community’s dream of an expanded library come true.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, which swells with pride and gratitude at how willing you are to give of your time and money!

Each year during National Library Week, we endeavor to say “Thank You!” to our fantastic volunteers for the countless hours they devote to ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our circulation department.  We tallied up the monetary value, since it’s impossible to quantify the joy that these volunteers bring to our days.  On average, each of our 11 volunteers donates 2 hours per day of their time to shelve books and pull items for the “pick” list of items requested by other libraries in the System.  If they were paid a minimum wage of $7 per hour as library pages, it would cost us over $8,000 per year to employ them!  We are lucky that they are willing to work for free, creating more time for Eva, Katy, Gerry and Lindsey to give you their excellent customer service and making that $8000 available for more programming and services to our patrons.  If you see any of these special friends, please tell them how much their time is appreciated.  They are:  Elfriede Voight, Sandy Meronk, Bobbie Halverson, Linda Kohl, Cheryl Frautschy, Jeannette Lohan, Karen Hayes, Lexi, Ashley and Ebony Zembrycki and Nick Zimmerman.

Thanks for your support of our National Library Week events!  For those enquiring minds who were flummoxed at the prospect of having to venture a guess at how many books are in our Library, the answer is 16,857 books!  The winner of the $10 Piggly Wiggly gift card is Brett Severson with his guess of 15,762.  Congratulations, Brett!  We also had a “Blind Date with a Book” event.  The winner of the Teen Basket was Dylan Wadzinski and Margaret Shaklee was the winner of the Adult Basket.

We had a huge crowd at our Friends Annual Membership Meeting on April 8th.  The guest speaker was Jerry Apps, who kept us in stitches with his stories of planting a garden and his wisdom about more than just growing vegetables.  One comment he made interested me, in light of our current challenge to raise the funds for our Jamieson building library expansion.  He said that Wild Rose, a community of only 725 people and a service area of 3558 people, had built a brand new $650,000 library.  How encouraging it was to know that this community that is much smaller than ours (Poynette’s population is about 2525 and our service population is about 5454) could garner that much financial support for their library.  (Perhaps they sold all those zucchini squashes, rather than putting them into unlocked cars.)   Plans are starting to take shape for our addition and I’m confident that if Wild Rose could do it, so can we!

See you @ the Library!