Library Lynx, February 6, 2014

Hallelujah!  The Jamieson Expansion Project will become a reality, thanks to the astonishing efforts of two men who have become as much a part of this project as the rest of us!  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Jim Gersich, our Project Architect from Dimension IV and Nic Bortz, our Construction Manager from McGann Construction for working round the clock for almost a week to create the results that will allow us to go forward with our expansion plans!  Their dedication to ensuring the viability of this project was on display Wednesday, January 29th as evidenced by the amount of thought that went into determining how to cut nearly $100,000 off the estimate from the bids presented for the cost of the work.  I was very skeptical about their ability to align the work with the money we have, but these very capable professionals produced a miracle.  Many, many thanks to both of these fine gentlemen for all their efforts on our behalf, and for donating so much of their time and expertise to see this project to fruition.

There are items that have been deferred for the time being that, with additional donations, could be added during this renovation period, or in the future.  We have prioritized the list of items deferred, and will add them back in as we receive funds to do so.  Some of the items that will be delayed until we’ve raised more money to cover their costs are the locked cabinets and the countertops and sinks for the new children’s area and for the new kitchenette in the meeting room.  Also, we’ll hold off on the casework for the window seat in the children’s area and the French doors for the new meeting room and the Adult Quiet Reading room.  These items are high on our priority list for being completed as soon as more money comes in.  If someone would like to donate specifically to one or more of these items, please call me (635-7577) and I can give you the exact cost.

We will continue to have fund raising events, too.  We are organizing a Quilt Raffle, thanks to the generous donation of a gorgeous quilt created by Jeannette Lohan, who purchased the fabric and painstakingly pieced it together.  She and her husband, Barnie, have agreed to handle the “business” side of the raffle, also.  Thanks, too, to Kim Van Etten of Kim’s Quilting, for donating the long arm quilting that adds dramatically to the back side of this beautiful heirloom.  The pattern, Texas Two Step, was designed by Jane Vaughan, Mill House Quilts of Waunakee, who graciously granted Jeannette permission to use the quilt in the raffle for our Library.  Mark Rowley has said that he will hold another Meat/Fish Raffle to benefit the Friends of the Library’s continuing fundraising, and the Friends will be holding another Bake Sale, too!

We are forever beholden to all those who have worked so tirelessly to raise the funds, and to all those who have donated so generously to this endeavor.  There is no way to adequately thank everyone for their dedication to this project that will benefit the entire community for years to come.  But we can try.  We’ll be planning a Kick-off Party when the renovation is set to begin and will invite everyone who has been a part of the group of stakeholders in this wonderful addition to our Library space.  Details on the renovation will be shared at that time.

I’m excited beyond words, but this landmark decision has not yet sunk in completely.  When it does, I’ll be in orbit!  I feel so blessed to be a part of this community!  Hugs to all!

See you @ the Library!