Library Lynx, May 29, 2014

Those of you who have read my columns the past five and a half years know that the majority of my articles have consisted of me thanking the many generous people who have contributed in many different ways to the benefit of our “friendly, lively, little Library with a big heart”.  And this, my final Library Lynx article, will be no different.  It would be impossible for me to name all the wonderful folks who have made this job a joy; who have given so much to this Library over the years since its inception in October 1941.  I hope you all know how much the entire community appreciates all you’ve done to ensure that this vibrant community space has been able to stay the course and grow to meet the changing needs of a changing world.

I thank God that he gave me this opportunity to be so blessed by my involvement with the Library in the community I call home.  I thank God that the Trustees sitting on the Library Board in 2008 took a leap of faith and hired me to be their director.  I thank God for the unwavering support of my husband, the Library staff and Trustees, and the patrons of the Poynette Area Public Library who I consider a part of my family.  I couldn’t have done this job without knowing that you were behind me 100%.  I prayed daily for guidance in performing my duties to the best of my ability.  I am eternally grateful to Him and to you for this journey we have taken together.  God bless you all for everything you’ve given to the Library!

When I search for the best word to sum up my time serving as your Library’s director, fulfillment comes to mind.  Although it is with very mixed feelings that I retire from this joyful occupation, I feel that I have fulfilled my goals and it’s time to let someone new lead the Library into the future.

Please welcome Lindsey Ganz as the new Poynette Area Public Library director.  She has been working here for three and a half years and will maintain the friendly atmosphere and excellent customer service that are a hallmark of this Library.  She will also take us into its next phase with new ideas and services.

It has been a great honor and pleasure getting to know all of you!

See you @ the Library!