Library Lynx, May 9, 2013

Spring is a time of transformations, changes that bring new life and color into our lives.  It’s a time of growth and abundance outdoors as the daffodils bloom and the grass greens and grows.  The feelings of hope and promise and goodwill that spring brings are made manifest at the Library in many wonderful ways.  There has been an outpouring of warmth and giving that outdoes the sun.  We don’t ask the sun to warm our earth and bring us bountiful gifts.  It just does it.  Our patrons are like sunshine to us in that they generously and warmly give without being asked.  Here are a few examples.  Sarah McLean put her “Just Jewelry” items and catalogs on display and donated her commission to the Library.  A longtime patron arrived one morning with a check for $500 for the children’s library expansion fund.  Moments later, Chuck Judd from the Lake Wisconsin Lions Club arrived with a $200 donation.  He proudly stated that this group has donated over $12,000 to Poynette area causes, and we are very grateful to this philanthropic group for their donation to us.  Kim Reinke of Provision Kinetics, Inc. dropped off a check to the Library to be used for our Summer Library Program.  (We will use this money to pay for our August 1 program “Snakes Alive!”)  Danielle Tolzmann called to say that her group, Autism Society of South Central Wisconsin, had purchased 21 books and 2 DVDs about Autism, and she wanted to donate them to the Poynette Area Public Library for circulation in LinkCat.  I failed to mention in my last Library Lynx that Margit Frickelton donated a 15 pound pork roast to the Harmony Bar Meat Raffle.  There are the patrons who regularly give us more than they owe for faxing, copying or fines and say, “Keep the change.  It goes to a good cause.”  Many patrons bring in their books, music and movies for us to put in circulation or sell.  The list goes on and on.  The gifts the staff and I receive each day from our patrons, your smiles, your hellos, the stories that you share, are as plentiful as the leaves on the trees and it would take many trees’ worth of paper for me to recount them all.  Please know that we recognize and appreciate all that you do for us!  Thank you!

In spite of the fact that so many generous donations come to us without asking, we will be coming to you in the next few months to humbly ask for help in raising the money needed to transform the Jamieson building into a children’s area and meeting room.  Preliminary plans are to sell memorial bricks engraved to honor someone special to you.  We also will have a silent auction and perhaps a Run/Walk when we’ll also sell T-shirts in support of our project.  We hope that you’ll be able to contribute a little something to help write the chapter of new beginnings this spring at your library.

It may not feel much like summer, but the Summer Library Program is packaged and planned and ready to enrich our many readers.  As usual, there will be workshops, special programs, reading incentives and fabulous prize baskets.  We’ll have a wooden shoe carver and all sorts of reptiles on display to help us “Dig Into Reading” from June 11 to August 3.  The brochures will go to the schools soon, so look in the backpacks for them.  We have copies available at the Library, too, for you to start planning your busy summer weeks.  There is something for everyone, so plan to join the fun!

See you @ the Library!