Library Lynx, November 27, 2013

We are eternally grateful for the latest unbelievably generous monetary gift that has come from Research Products Corporation!  Mr. Bill Prisky, Poynette Plant Manager, presented a check for the heart stopping amount of $7500 to Library Board President Bob Garske last week, with the promise of an additional check for $7500 to be donated at a future date.  There are no adequate words in my vocabulary to fully express how thankful we are for this phenomenal donation on the part of Research Products Corporation toward the Jamieson Expansion Project!

I am also speechless on account of another unbelievable present from another local company.  Prime Mechanical has stepped forward and offered to donate the heating and air conditioning for the Jamieson building!  What a staggeringly generous gift this is for us!  I am overflowing with gratitude to this wonderful family who are giving of their time, expertise and materials to supply us with such a huge portion of our renovation!  This gift represents a tremendous cost savings for our project. I cannot thank Dawn and Joe Ballweg and Brian and Linda Ramlow and their youngest daughter Jenny enough for contributing such a vital part - the very breath - of our new building!

These gifts bring us ever closer to seeing our desire to provide more adequate space for our children's library become a reality!  This is truly a community endeavor!

The Library Board voted at its last meeting to hire McGann Construction's Nicholas Bortz to be our Construction Manager Advisor for this renovation project.  He will be working with architect Jim Gersich and his team from Dimension IV, Jenny Radewan from Prime Mechanical, and the Library Board to plan out all the specifics.  This group will be preparing bid packages for the various phases of the renovation.  We urge local businesses to contact us if you are interested in bidding to perform work on the library expansion and to watch for the legal notices in the Poynette Press.  Since this is a municipal project, the work must be publicly bid and contracts awarded to the lowest qualified bidder.

And speaking of bidders, our Silent Auction was a colossal success with $3547 worth of bids so far on the 97 items that were donated!  My cup runneth over!  A mountain of thanks to everyone who donated items and/or placed bids for this very profitable fund raiser!

This wonderful community has supported our capital campaign at an unimaginable level these past four months!  At this writing, from all your contributions, you have donated nearly $60,000 cash!  This is beyond our grandest dreams and expectations!  You are truly an exceptional group of generous library supporters!

We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Bless you all for your bountiful gifts!

Happy Thanksgiving!