Library Lynx, October 31, 2013

The excitement is building – specifically the Jamieson building!  Thanks to Bob Garske and his group of industrious men - Bob Tomczak, Mark Rowley, Matt Brisky, Jon Green and Peter Buss – the Jamieson building was cleaned out and the items were either stored in the POD or sent off in the dumpster in preparation for the hazardous materials abatement that was completed thanks to A&A Environmental, Inc.  We sincerely appreciate the hard, dirty work that these men performed on their own time!

It not only takes a whole village to raise a child; it takes a very caring, generous community of givers to expand a library!  We are forever grateful to all those who have, and will, donate their time, ideas, materials, and money to create a beautiful new children’s area and at the same time, honor an important part of Poynette’s history by preserving and restoring  the Jamieson building.  This project would not be possible without the support and help of so many – the Poynette Village Board,  Poynette Public Works gentlemen, Village Administrator Sue Deuth, Doherty Construction for so carefully  removing the stumps in the back, the Friends of the Library, and all our other friends too numerous to mention.  Bless you, each and every one of you, for all the help you so freely give!

Thankful tears were shed when the Chamber of Commerce donated a check to the Poynette Library Friends for the remarkable sum of $5,100 toward the expansion project!  Their example of self-less giving was followed by more grateful tears with the Elsing Family’s donations of $4,100 from the Poynette and Arlington BPs, Elsing Oil, and Pam Elsing, herself.  More tears of joy were shed when I opened the envelope containing a $5,000 check from Dr. Ira Kastenberg and Jeanne Mutchler!  Having the support of the area business people is a wonderful endorsement of this project.  There is no way that I can adequately express how thankful I am for such outpourings of generosity!  Not many people have the pleasure of spending so much of their time at work smiling, and in thanking people for their generosity!  Mine is not a job, but a joy!

The Silent Auction is now underway.  We have almost 90 items up for bids, again thanks to YOU!  The items are packaged and bowed and ready to give to those special people on your Christmas list.  Not only will you find some incredibly unique presents, your contributions will help us in our fund raising.  Please stop in to see the beautiful quilt made by Mary Beth Wagner, the Schwinn Digital Recumbent Stationary Bike donated by Claudine Hanson, and the J. F. Bohling commemorative ruby-stained toothpick holder from the 1900s donated by Linda Kohl.  Our goal is to raise $100,000 by Christmas, and so far we’ve raised about $40,000!  The Library Board is in the process of hiring a Construction Manager and will soon have a better idea of just how much the library expansion project will cost.  As soon as we have the entire amount necessary to renovate the Jamieson, we’ll begin the transformation!

See you @ the Library!