Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Reviewed by A. Marquardt, May 2017

Lord of the Flies is an award-winning classic that is a must-read for anyone, young and old. This timeless piece has a perfect balance of both survival and logic, intertwined with a hidden meaning for the value of life. Set during the era of World War II, a plane filled with scholarly English boys mysteriously crashes and strands them on a deserted island. Faced with the task of staying alive, two of the children take charge to form teams, working together to run their isolated community. All seems to be going well, until, one by one, their sanity begins to slip away. Caught up in fighting for leadership, the two sides of islanders forget their common goal of being rescued. Will they come to terms and reunite as one, or will they fail to maintain the little life they have left? Find out for yourself in: Lord of the Flies.