Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

Reviewed by K. Yanna, October 2019

Milk and Honey is a poetic autobiography of Rupi Kaur. She opens up about abuse, femininity, and love. It is a deeply personal story of survival. The four chapters of the book each discuss a different pain, a distinct purpose. To realize and treat the hurt done to us by ourselves and other people in a sweet and productive way is to learn to love and grow.

Throughout the book, Kaur grows into the woman she wants to be. She gracefully opens up about the challenges she has overcome. Kaur writes for the scared, hesitant parts of you that haven't been acknowledged. And for this reason, Milk and Honey is one of my favorite books because it doesn’t hesitate to get into the gritty, viscous parts - it welcomes those with open arms.

Milk and Honey does mention topics of rape, sexuality, among other topics. Thus, the reader should be prepared to find those things in this book. The trauma, raw sexuality, and potent feminism may be familiar to some readers. Those relatable parts are like milk and honey to the soul, nourishing.