Minutes, April 11, 2017


Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library




Call to Order and Roll – Stone, Hanson, Mutchler, and Palmer were present.  Van Schoyck-Teeter, Koopmans and Shappell were unable to attend.


Certification of Proper Notice - Noticed


Introduction of guest(s) - None


Public Comments - None


Adoption of Agenda – Motion to adopt by Hanson/Mutchler. MC.


Approval of Minutes from March 14, 2017 – Motion by Palmer/Stone to accept.  MC.


Treasurer’s Report – no activity this month per Treasurer Stone.


Current Budget Review presented as printed.


Director’s Report – Director Ganz commented on her report.


Updates on Village Meetings – No report. This is Van Schoyck-Teeter’s last meeting as board member.


Friends of the Library Report – The Friends are going to buy @ $200 worth of nonfiction books for the children’s library.




  1. Approval of Vouchers for library – Hanson/Palmer motion to approve all vouchers. MC
  2. Strategic Plan update – Presentations will be in the afternoon of April 19 and the evening of May 16.
  3. Discuss/Consider Endowment/Foundation Policy. Revised new policy presented for approval.Motion by Stone/Hanson to accept.MC.
  4. Discuss/ Consider separate banking account for the library – tabled until May meeting.
  5. Discuss/ Consider compensation/benefits for part time workers for 2017 – A motion by Stone/Palmer to approve longevity pay to permanent part time library employees per the village handbook Section 311. MC.
  6. Discuss/ Consider carryover spending – Discussion will resume at May meeting. Expected amount is $43,992.25.
  7. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Items 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7.


Adjournment at 7:42 PM.

Claudine Hanson