Minutes, December 12, 2017


Tuesday, December 12, 2017 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library




Call to Order and Roll Call:  Meeting was called to order at 6:02.  Members present were Kelly Palmer, Jason Koopmans, Terry Fiore, Caryn Stone, and Claudine Hanson came late.  Director Lindsey Ganz was also present.  Matt Shappell and Jeanne Mutchler were absent. Vice President Jason Koopmans presided.


Certification of Proper Notice:  Yes


Introduction of guest(s):  Linda Ross


Public Comments:  None


Adoption of Agenda:  Motion by Fiore/Palmer to accept agenda, MC.


Approval of Minutes from November 14, 2017:  Motion by Fiore/Stone to accept.  MC


Trustee Training:  None this month.


Treasurer’s Report:  There is $1443.60 in the foundation as of the end of October.  The checking account for unrestricted funds and other money continues to grow.  Current balance in this account is $1873.86.


Current Budget Review:  As printed.


Director’s Report:  As printed.


Updates on Village Meetings:  Fiore updated on Village Board actions. The village has received first 75 pages of emergency operation plan to review.


Friends of the Library Report:  The group has changed meeting time to 4:30 on the second Monday of each month.  They approved having the Bouncy House for the February carnival.





  1. Approval of Vouchers for Library:Motion by Hanson/Palmer to approve.MC.
  2. Discuss/ Consider 2018 Budget:Motion to approve 2018 budget by Stone/Hanson.MC.
  3. Discuss/ Consider carryover spending for library furniture at cost of approximately $19,831.17.Motion to approve by Stone/Hanson. MC.
  4. Discuss/ Consider Bylaw Updates:Some minor changes made.Final vote will be in January.
  5. Discuss/Consider memorial donation:Discussion to use memorial donations for Jennie Van Schoyck-Teeter for a new chair in the reading room with a small memorial plaque on the chair.
  6. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.


Adjournment at 7:18


Submitted by Caryn Stone and Claudine Hanson