Minutes, February 11, 2020


Tuesday, February 11, 2020 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library



Call to Order and Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 6:01 P.M. by President Jason Koopmans.  Attending the meeting were Board Members Jason Koopmans, Jeanne Mutchler, Caryn Stone, Linda Ross, Matt Shappell, Ashley Zembrycki, Meghan Visger and Steve Mueller.  Library Director Jodi Bailey was present. 


Certification of Proper Notice – Yes


Introduction of guest(s) – None


Public Comments – None


Adoption of Agenda – Motion to adopt the agenda by Mutchler, seconded by Ross: Motion Carried.


Approval of Minutes from January 14, 2020 – Motion to approve the minutes from the January meeting by Ross, seconded by Mueller. Motion Carried


Trustee Training – Koopmans presented the Trustee Training on Accessible Library Services. How can we better provide those services?  Highlights included mobility, vision, deafness, developmental delays, brain injuries, and mental illnesses.  These, and others, are subject to ADA and the Library must meet some special provisions as a public building.  Our Services must be accessible, not necessarily the building.  Our services to Pioneer Place is one example. Adapted computer stations, larger print, some materials in Braille, TTD services, track balls instead of a “mouse”, longer keyboard cord, and headphones are all examples of making services more accessible.  Mobility impairments (wheelchair, crutches or braces) should all be accommodated, by means of ramps, making services available by phone, outreach to nursing homes; and importantly, to allow service animals to accompany the person.  All persons should be made welcome, especially children, and every effort must be made to enforce rules fairly.  Library staff should be tolerant of behavior that is unusual but not threatening.  Mutchler asked if anything jumped out as a need that is actionable.  Koopmans didn’t think so.  Director Bailey commented that she had gone to Pioneer Place and had talked to one lady who needed audio books.  They have since been included in the materials taken to Pioneer Place.


Treasurer’s Report – The Hometown Bank Account has a balance (as of January 31, 2020) of $4,331.22 and the SCLS Foundation balance (as of Dec.31, 2019) is $1,755.17.  


Current Budget Review –Director Bailey added a line item for fees, otherwise no questions or comments.


Director’s Report – As attached and reviewed by Ms. Bailey.  She expanded on the idea of a special place for middle schoolers, particularly the 5th and 6th graders. 


Updates on Village Meeting held January 27, 2020 – Quick meeting. Director Bailey went.  Mueller said there isn’t much he can report on but there is something to look forward to.  Ms. Bailey went to Village of Arlington meeting last night.  The Village is talking about buying the old Arlington School.


Friends of the Library Report – No meeting in February.




Discuss/Approval of vouchers for Library – Motion by Shappell to approve the vouchers; seconded by Mutchler: Motion Carried.

Update: Strategic Plan Committee meeting held on February 6, 2020 – Visger, Mutchler and Bailey suggested having the focus groups in August and presenting the plan in the Fall to the Board, with kick-off in 2021. 

Review and Adopt 2019 Annual Report – SCLS has approved but could be changed if Board finds something. Schappell made a motion to accept and adopt the 2019 Annual Report as written, seconded by Ross. Motion Carried.

Policy review – The subject of a library’s collection policy is part of Director Bailey’s SCLS class and will probably be presented to the Board next.

Update: Staff meeting held Saturday, January 25, 2020 – The Staff discussed carpet repair and the issue of outdoor lighting at the back of the Library. Staff thought no camera, but they were in favor of outdoor lighting.  Another issue raised was the fact that there was no one here on New Year’s Eve after 5 so staff thought it would be okay to close at that time.  The Board agreed.

Discuss/consider carry-over funds (not to exceed $12,000) previously proposed for office remodel to instead be spent on an additional patron seating area. - Staff is not in favor of office remodel.  They would prefer a new seating area for middle-schoolers.  Board looked at area Director Bailey was considering and the minimal cost to arrange it for the middle-schoolers.  She reported that if the cost is less than $25,000 the project doesn’t need to go out for bid.  Schappell made the motion to return $12,000 previously proposed for the office remodel to the carryover funds to be utilized at a later time.  Mutchler seconded. Motion Carried.

Discuss/consider salary carry-over as possible bonus pay for staff (seamless coverage to patrons with no Director from Oct.-Dec. 2019). – There is over $17,000 in the Budget that was not paid out for Lindsey Ganz since she was not here.  Village Administrator Martin said it’s our money and we can do what we want.   Director Bailey will collect information on numbers so any decision was tabled until the March meeting.

Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 – 1, 6, 7, lighting in the back and other items as needed. 


Adjournment at 7:14 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Caryn Stone