Minutes, February 14, 2017


Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library




Call to Order and Roll Call:  Present were Koopmans, Palmer, Shappell, Stone and Van Schoyck-Teeter.  Mutchler and Hanson were unable to attend the meeting.


Certification of Proper Notice: Yes


Introduction of guest(s): None in attendance


Public Comments: None


Adoption of Agenda: Motion to approve agenda by Van Schoyck-Teeter/Shappell. MC


Approval of Minutes from January 17, 2017: Motion to approve Agenda with one correction in the Friends report to change “because of a December storm” to “due to the holiday”.  Motion by Koopmans/Palmer, Van Schoyck-Teeter abstaining. MC


Treasurer’s Report: No updates, auditor will be at the Village of Poynette the last week of February.


Current Budget Review: There were no questions about the budget at this time.


Director’s Report: Lindsey went over the report, adding that she was pleased with the turnout at the Winter Carnival.


Updates on Village Meetings: The Village passed a resolution for the I90/94 expansion and not any of the bypass plans.  There are two vacancies on the Board but only one candidate has registered at this time.


Friends of the Library Report: They voted to pay for the bouncy house and one of the other carnival games.  There were several volunteers from the Friends so the money that was collected went to them.




  1. Approval of Vouchers for library. Motion to approve vouchers by Van Schoyck-Teeter/Shappell. MC
  2. Strategic Plan update.Tabled until late April
  3. Review/Approval of Annual Report. Lindsey went over report with the Board.Motion to approve the annual report by Shappell/ Van Schoyck-Teeter. MC
  4. Discuss/Consider Endowment/ Foundation Policy.Tabled: Lindsey will send out current policy with edits for review.Decision will be made at the March meeting.
  5. Discuss/ Consider separate banking account for the library.SCLS allows for the creation of a library bank account so discussion was lively about what the purpose of that account would be.It was suggested that donations would be deposited into that account and removed from the Library budget but that we need a policy to establish guidelines.Koopmans made a motion to form a subcommittee to explore the policy and guidelines for a checking account.Van Schoyck-Teeter seconded the motion. MC.Koopmans, Stone and Ganz will form that subcommittee and will meet on February 28, 2017 at 5PM.
  6. Discuss/ Consider benefits for part time workers for 2017: Additional discussion of this subject included the fact that the Village doesn’t provide benefits for those with less than 1,200 hours.The suggestion was made that the Library should provide some benefit, that it be called “personal” time so that it could be used for vacation or sick time, that it be based on the hours worked in a pay period.Decision was tabled until the March meeting so that Shappell could work on the wording for a policy.
  7. Discuss/ Consider carryover spending: Decision was tabled until the March meeting so that a subcommittee could meet to decide how the carryover funds should be spent.Palmer, Van Schoyck-Teeter, Mutchler and Stone will form the committee and meet March 1, 2017 at 2:30PM.
  8. Discuss/ Consider internet filtering and accompanying policy.The Library is eligible for new equipment and stands to receive up to $2,000 in rebates from SCLS.Lindsey reported on the minimal filtering that would be enforced and the positive comments from other libraries.The Library is committed to this policy for only one year so the effectiveness can be reviewed at the end of that time to determine whether we want to continue.There is public notification required and Lindsey has started the posting and notification process which should be done by June.The sample language from MPL will be updated and added to our Internet Computer Use Policy.Motion to approve completing the internet filtering policy by Koopmans/Van Schoyck-Teeter.  MC
  9. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. Agenda for March meeting was decided upon.


Adjournment at 7:45 PM


Caryn A. Stone