Minutes, Jamieson Expansion Committee Meeting, December 12, 2013

Project:                         Poynette Area Public Library Expansion (PAPL) PN 12146

Meeting Location:          Village Hall

Date of Meeting:            12.12.2013

In Attendance:               Kris Daugherty, Bob Garske, Dolores Hausmann, Bobbie Halverson, Jenny Van Schoyck-Teeter, Claudine Hanson (PAPL Jamieson Expansion Committee); Jenny Radewan (Prime Mechanical); Nic Bortz (McGann Construction): Tina Gordon, James Worker, Jim Gersich (Dimension IV Madison)


These notes are the writer’s interpretation of what was discussed at the meeting. If you have any changes, clarifications or additions to the notes, please contact the writer. Thank you.


This meeting was a design, budget and schedule review meeting for the expansion project. We followed a written agenda.



  1. We reviewed the final-draft CM contract and Nic received three originals for signatures.
  2. We also reviewed the construction documents (“working drawings”) and James gave an overview of the contents of each drawing. The structural engineering is included in the architectural drawings. Tina will also have finishes and furnishings indicated.


Analyzing the Budget and the Scope of the Work:

1)       The budget is created upon an assumed construction schedule that Nic circulated for review. It indicates a start of construction on February 2nd and a construction completion date of May 29, 2014.

2)       Working backwards from a construction start date of February 2, 2014, we discussed probable dates related to previous tasks as follows:

a)       Issue plans and specs for bids on January 6th (will need a “Class 2 Notice" Ad For Bids run twice prior to the bid date…preferably the weeks of January 6th and 13th.)
b)       Nic will have a Pre-Bid meeting and walk-thru for contractors, prior to the date of the last (and only) Addendum which needs to be issued at least one week before the bid date. The exact dates of the Pre-Bid and Addendum were not discussed.
c)       Bids due at noon on Thursday, January 23rd.
d)       Jamieson Expansion Committee meeting at 1 pm Thursday January 23rd to review the bids.
e)       Library Board special meeting Tuesday, January 28th to award the contracts.


3)       We reviewed and discussed a first-pass construction cost estimate dated December 12, 2013 which included numerous assumptions, exclusions and allowances, and the total estimate was $352,235.00.

4)       Available funds: Kris did a quick calculation of available funds and noted the following:

a)       Expecting cash-in-hand on 1/1/2014 to be approximately $347,000.
b)       Expecting an additional $25K for an updated total of $372,000.
c)       Beyond these amounts, the Friends are expected to pay separately for the new PAPL carpeting, painting and Adult Reading new doors; however, McGann does not need to separately bid these components to know the exact dollar amounts for them.


5)       We discussed several scope components as follows:

a)       The estimate does not include replacing the brick below the existing front Jamieson windows; Jim suggested we consider brick-staining them instead of replacing them with matching brick.
b)       The estimate includes a Fire Alarm system. The existing PAPL does not have a fire alarm system and we need to consult the code to determine if such a system is required.
c)       We discussed LED versus typical T-8 fluorescent lighting in Jamieson First Floor (F1); the preference is for LED light fixtures, is budget will allow.
d)       Nic had not included the structural steel channel framing for an F1 arched opening; Nic expressed concern that removing the plaster on the existing brick could be quite costly so this estimate includes a drywalled wall and a level (horizontal) steel lintel instead of an arch. We will ask Brian Lehr to do a sample area to remove some plaster and see how it goes.

6)       After going through the various elements of the scope and the correlated estimate it appears likely that the actual bid dollar numbers can be lower than the McGann estimate dated 12/12/2013, so the Jamieson Expansion Committee passed a motion to approve the plans and authorize the release for bidding.

7)       FF&E Budget

a)       Tina reviewed a first pass of a FF&E Budget with the committee with a budget total of $13,720.
b)       The double-faced bookshelves on wheels can be removed as they have already been purchased.
c)       Perimeter shelving to be confirmed for heights. This may be built by local high school in wood shelves to match existing. Kris to speak with school Shop teacher regarding this. This may reduce the bookshelves and end panel amounts. Wood would have to be included in the FF&E budget.
d)       Tables and chairs can be eliminated from Children’s area.
e)       Meeting Room to potentially have two plastic laminate tables with chairs.
f)         Need to include window coverings in FF&E budget for windows at Jameison Building.
g)       Tina to confirm with Nic if signage is included in the construction budget.
h)       FF&E Budget to be more around $8000.


8)       Other items:  Include light in soffit at existing canopy/new book drop. (this was brought up after Jim and James left the meeting).

9)   Interior Finishes:

a)       Tina reviewed the interior finish selections with Kris, Delores, and Jenny.
b)       Carpet tile selected is Interface, Verticals, Color-Elevation. This is a plank style type carpet tile. This carpet tile is for existing and new space and is to be used on ramp into Jameison Building.
c)       Luxury Vinyl Tile selected is Windsor Oak in 6” width. This will be used in a portion of the Children’s Library. They would like to use this in the Meeting Room as well as this will be used by various groups, including Children’s Groups. It was discussed that the luxury vinyl tile could be used in lieu of the VCT in the Recyclables and the landing of the stair as well to eliminate an additional material. The LVT does need need a finish on it and would be easier to maintain than VCT.
d)       The ceramic tile selected is Daltile, Castillian Gray-SW92 in 12x12 with a ceramic tile base.
e)       We reviewed paint colors along with accent colors and all were approved. Three accent colors will be incorporated into the plan; entire north wall of Children’s, all walls in Meeting Room, and all walls in Quiet Reading Room (wall carpet to remain). Mural to remain on outside of Quiet Reading Room wall. All spaces in existing building to be painted (bathrooms, vestibule, office, library).
f)         Stair tread and riser to be wood at step into Jameison Building.
g)       Cabinets to be Merillat (Tina to confirm style priced with Nic). All countertops to be Nevamar, Rare Earth Slate. All cabinets are to be lockable (all locations). Cabinets under window bench at Children’s to step back in order to not allow children to kick at cabinet face. These cabinets could be made out of standard sized upper cabinets. All upper cabinets to be 42” in height to maximize storage.


Next Tasks:

  1. Nic will contact a brick staining subcontractor.
  2. Jim; Secure and distribute the Village’s Wage Determination.
  3. Finish the plans and specs for release (and plan approvals) by January 6th.
  4. Kris: Place the Ad for Bids in the local paper.
  5. Kris: Post the agenda for the Jamieson Expansion Committee and special meeting of the Library Board.
  6. Kris: Confirm with high school shop teacher if they would be interested in constructing wood shelving.
  7. Tina: Update FF&E Budget.


Next Meeting(s):  Bid Opening followed by Meeting for bid review, Thursday, January 23rd as noted above.



Copies: All Attending, Rayenna Rhys (Dimension IV Madison); James Hall, Paul Karow (OTIE)