Minutes, Jamieson Expansion Committee Meeting, June 20, 2013

Project:     Poynette Area Public Library Expansion (PAPL) PN 12146

Meeting Location:     PAPL

Date of Meeting:     6.20.2013

In Attendance:        Kris Daugherty (PAPL); Tina Gordon, Jim Gersich (Dimension IV Madison)

These notes are the writer’s interpretation of what was discussed at the meeting.  If you have any changes, clarifications or additions to the notes, please contact the writer.  Thank you.

This meeting was a preliminary design phase progress review meeting for the expansion project.


We reviewed the draft of the CM RFP (the suggested dates will need to shift) and Kris will review same with Library Board on 7.9.2013.
We reviewed the AIA form of contract for adviser-CM A132-2009; Kris will have the Library Board on 7.9.2013 approve the Library’s attorney, and then we will address the contract with her/him.
Assuming a CM can be brought on-board, the CM can bid out a small interior demolition package of F1 Jamieson, to be completed so we can see the structural framing (the two existing F1 columns and beam may be decorative) prior to the completion of construction documents for the balance of bidding. Also, the CM can arrange for a roofing contractor to look at and possibly core the roof of Jamieson.
We measured and photographed various things:

The opening at the east end of the Circ Desk is 2’-6 5/8” inches wide.
The east end of the Circ Desk aligns with the face of the west wall of the Office, as shown in the plan.
The opening at the southwest end of the Circ Desk to the PAPL inside face of the south wall is 5’-1” clear.
The Children’s Library utilizes folding-leg tables with tabletops measuring 2’-6” x 6’
The existing book-video drop can be overloaded and needs to be emptied on Sundays. The inside receptacles are plastic laundry baskets underneath a sort of hand-built deacon’s bench with a sloping wood back. We reviewed both the plan, and the south end of PAPL-Jamieson for an alternate location.
The existing F1 electrical panel is 200A but all breaker slots are filled. This panel is erected on a partial-height wall that is ~12” west of the west inside face of the east brick wall of Jamieson. More study needed but in all likelihood, with the new furnace and hot water heater needed for Jamieson, a larger panel would be needed therefore replace the existing and the partial wall can be demo’d.

5.  The scope of the courtyard improvements (rear of Jamieson) is changing. No exterior door to the “new” Adult Quiet Reading Room. No donated memorial brick pavers.

6.  Kris indicated she has a volunteer who would remove the Jamieson F2 apartment’s east deck, for the salvage lumber. So, this demo would not be in the scope of the CM’s work; the existing exterior stair to the Basement removal, would remain in the CM’s scope.

7.  The Friends group will (later) arrange and pay for an electric fireplace to be located in the “new” Adult Quiet Reading Room, as well as new French doors at the existing opening to the existing Children’s Library. The Friends will also pay for the re-carpeting (carpet tiles) of the existing PAPL but this work would be a part of the CM’s scope and the re-carpeting portion would be bid as an Add-Alternate so we had the exact cost. Existing wood base would be removed and re-installed after carpeting. Carpet tiles would be place around and not under the book shelving ranges.

Analyzing the Schematic Design Floor Plan:

We reviewed and discussed a first-pass Schematic Design, as well as As-Is Plans for the F2 and Basement of Jamieson, dated 6.20.2013.
Not all of the review comments are noted herein; Tina marked up a plan.
In-floor electrical (power, voice and data) will be needed beneath the conference table in the new Meeting Room; a ceiling-type manual pull-down projection screen will be located along the south brick wall. The Meeting Room’s electrical closet can be used for storing folding chairs, the LCD projector, etc.
The kitchenette area in the new Meeting Room will be revised. The opening will have bi-fold louvered café doors. The door in the northeast corner of the room will need to swing in the direction of egress.
We need to get more space for the Children’s Crafts area and a second set of table-chairs. Look at moving the Unisex Toilet and Trash Room eastward.
Kris requested ~18” high brick (matching the Jamieson building) kneewalls along the east and north property lines at the Courtyard, with an east-facing wall opening of ~8-10’ for access. These kneewalls would be in the CM’s scope. Not sure yet of the walking surface within the courtyard, concrete was mentioned.

Next Tasks:

Kris will arrange for the Jamieson apartment’s washer-dryer to be removed and sold off.
Tina: We need to cut a section through the stair; 20 risers existing but they are tall risers, ~8”. Both the stair to the Basement and the stair to the F2 apartment will need to be replaced.
Tina will prepare the next edition of the Schematic Plan and review with Kris prior the July 9th Library Board meeting.

Next Meeting(s):

Not scheduled yet meeting at PAPL for further plan reviews.

Copies:  All Attending, Joe Stefanich (Dimension IV Madison), James Hall (OTIE)