Minutes, Jamieson Expansion Committee Meeting, May 20-21, 2013

Poynette Area Public Library Expansion (PAPL) PN 12146
Meeting: May 20-21, 2013
In Attendance:  Kris Daugherty (PAPL); Tina Gordon, Jim Gersich (Dimension IV Madison)


These notes are the writer’s interpretation of what was discussed at the meeting.  If you have any changes, clarifications or additions to the notes, please contact the writer.  Thank you.


This meeting was a preliminary design phase “kick-off” meeting for the expansion project.



  1. Prior to the meeting, Jim performed some field verification, measuring and photographing existing interior and exterior conditions.
  2. After the meeting, we toured the existing PAPL as well as the first floor (F1) and Basement of the Jamieson building, including exterior areas.
  3. Kris introduced us to Eva who primarily works the Circ Desk, and Katy who is the Children’s Librarian.
  4. We briefly reviewed the draft Owner-Architect Agreement.
  5. PAPL will remove the accumulated “junk” in Jamieson including all floors, before a contractor can begin.


Analyzing the Project Components:

  1. We discussed both interior and exterior elements of the project. Not necessarily all of the items discussed will make their way into the final design.
  2. The following general comments were noted relative to exterior conditions:

a)       The existing PAPL condensing unit is wall-mounted on a concrete block wall that is on the Historical Society’s side of the mutual “property line” (since the Village owns both buildings, the actual location of the property line is irrelevant at least for now.) The concrete block wall is in need of repair. The condensing unit is in an awkward location, as everyone using the rear entrance walks right by it. The existing PAPL roof is in good condition; a rooftop location for the condensing unit could be considered.

b)       Rainwater off gutter-downspouts for all four adjacent Village-owned buildings (Historical Society, PAPL, Jamieson, and the Marsh Building north of the Jamieson) need attention.

c)       The “green” painted PAPL concrete block walls are in need of repainting, at minimum along the PAPL east wall.

d)        The new exterior doorway desired in the north wall of PAPL, in what’s currently the Children’s Library, will create additional exterior improvements; PAPL will be responsible for the development of the new fenced-in patio/courtyard that this door would access; the code would require the fence to have a gate. PAPL will also remove the tree stumps and repair-pave the parking area behind Jamieson.

e)       At a future field visit, we will look at the roof of the Jamieson building for its age and condition; Kris will arrange for a Village Public Works person to help with a ladder.

f)       We measured that the existing F1 of the Jamieson Building is approximately one 7 to 7-1/2” riser height lower than the existing PAPL floor elevation. Therefore the ramp inside the Jamieson Building, to connect the two spaces, needs to be 7 to 8’ in length for a 1:12 pitch as required by code. Kris indicated they would prefer a step (down from the upper landing) to the north, so everyone would not have to use the ramp. We discussed how the ramp could be in the range of 4 to 5’ wide, and would require handrails. The side of the ramp would require guardrails.

g)       The existing door at F1 on the east exterior wall, south end, will be blocked-up; it is a 32” wide door in a 36” wide masonry opening.

h)       The existing door at F1 on the east exterior wall, north end, will be retained as an exit but the door needs to be replaced; it is a 36” wide door in a 40” wide masonry opening.

3.    Important: The F2 of the Jamieson Building will no longer be used as an apartment; it will be         used for PAPL “seasonal” storage only.

4.    The following general comments were noted relative to interior design features:

a)       The stair in Jamieson between F1 and Basement is relatively new although the landing wasn’t constructed very well; this stair needs to be closed off to library patrons.

b)       The stair in Jamieson between F1 and F2 needs to be repaired or replaced.

c)       The “kitchen” at the north end of the new Meeting Room may be L-shaped, is not to be used for food prep per-se, as in preparing meals. It needs a 2-compartment sink with a garbage disposer; 34” counter height for handicapped; countertop microwave; toaster oven; and a typical residential 2-door refrigerator-freezer. It will not have a range, rangehood, or dishwasher. The cabinetry along the west will need a pass-through for serving beverages and snacks.

d)       At one time we had discussed the Meeting Room having two sets of French doors. Kris would now prefer on pair of swinging French doors, and on each side, similar-looking French doors that would be fixed, not swinging, to function as sidelites.

e)       The existing door at F1 on the east exterior wall, south end (in the Meeting Room) can be bricked-up in the lower portion, and made into a window on the upper portion for natural light into the Meeting Room. We will plan on a table seating 10, with four abreast on each side and one on each end; will also be used for Library Board meetings.

f)         Kris indicated a preference for carpet tile (squares) for the south half of the Jamieson library space, as well as in the new Meeting Room. Several of the other areas are to be anti-bacterial vinyl tiles. Wood base, untextured finish on drywalls, etc will “match” existing.

g)       The new Family Toilet should be generously sized to accommodate a family with stroller, diaper deck, etc. One toilet and one sink inside, all to be fully accessible.

h)       Outside the toilet is to be a crafts sink.

i)         Kris mentioned hi-lo coat hanging similar to Prairie du Sac.

j)         An arched opening 12’ wide will connect the two buildings.


5.    Existing shelving ranges will need to be relocated etc as a result of the connection. Kris indicated that they will be replacing the existing carpeting. We approximated the location of the opening and it will be west of the west face of the existing Circ Desk.

6.    For the most part, existing FF+E in the Children’s Library will be relocated to the Jamieson portion; the north part is intended for crafts; the south part by the foot of the ramp, for Story Time. On both sides of the door, window “seats” with storage below.


Discussions while touring the facilities and site:

  1. The PAPL existing facility was an addition to the hardware store that originally occupied the Historical Society building to its south. The PAPL floor is a slab-on-grade, single-story.
  2. We met again on 5/21 and considered plumbing, HVAC and electrical matters. There are several options including for example, new service equipment for domestic hot water, heating-air conditioning, and electrical panels. There are also options associated with utilizing existing equipment both in PAPL and in F2 of Jamieson. Otherwise, new furnace and domestic hot water heater (tankless) would be located in the Jamieson Basement.
  3. We also discussed the possibility of changing the “green” color of the north and east PAPL walls to another color(s).
  4. We also discussed the idea of eliminating the structure that had been built, to enclose the exterior areaway stair flight, from the alley side down to the Jamieson Basement; we could block-in the opening, add insulation, etc. We also contemplated the notion of eliminating the F2 apartment’s patio-deck above that structure, and eliminating the swinging door, bricking-up the lower portion and installing a window in the upper portion. There is some brick repair, tuckpointing, etc necessary anyway.
  5. Kris requested new front F1 windows and door on Jamieson. Ron Siggelkow will help with the historical context. Painting etc needs also to be accomplished.
  6. Kris requested that the first floor framing of Jamieson be improved to accept 150 pounds per square foot (PSF) liveload per building code for stacks areas; these improvements need to be accomplished in the Basement, where additional concrete floor is to be added as well. Consideration should also be given to making the second floor framing capable of 150 PSF liveload.
  7. Question had been raised, is the north wall of the Jamieson Building in sound structural condition? To some, it may appear to be leaning.

Next Tasks:

  1. Jim will visit the site with the structural engineer James Hall.
  2. Tina will advance an As-Is drawing, and draft the Space Needs Program and initial plan.
  3. If anyone would like to see or have jpegs of the snapshots, just ask.

Next Meeting(s):

  1. Not scheduled yet (early-June prior to the second Tuesday 6/11 Library Board meeting) meeting at PAPL for a plan review.