Minutes, Jannuary 8, 2019


Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library


Call to Order and Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 6:05 P.M. by President Jeanne Mutchler.  Attending the meeting were Board Members Jeanne Mutchler, Jason Koopmans, Caryn Stone, Matt Shappell, Linda Ross, and Ashley Zembrycki.   Absent were Kelly Palmer and Teri Fiori.  Director Lindsey Ganz was also present.


Certification of Proper Notice – Yes


Introduction of guest(s) – President of Friends of the Library, Bobbie Halverson.


Public Comments – Ms. Halverson stated that she was attending the Library Board Meeting on behalf of Friends of the Library with a concern about the inadequacy of the current lighting at the back of the library along the alley.  Also of concern were the areas behind the Historical Society and under the attached overhang.  Concerns expressed centered on safety for staff and patrons, especially at this time of year when it gets dark so early.  There were also concerns expressed about the issue of drugs and the hope that this issue won’t die with the “it won’t happen here mentality”. Director Ganz pointed out that some of the people who’ve been observed “hanging out” behind the Library are there to use the Library’s WiFi.   


Ross asked if the buildings weren’t owned by Village and therefore shouldn’t this issue be taken up with them?  Ms. Halverson said the Friends consider themselves part of Library and felt that they should approach the Library Board first.   After some discussion it was decided that Fiore (as the Village Board representative on the Library Board) should be brought up to speed with the thought that she could approach the Village Board and that Director Ganz could bring it up at the regularly scheduled Department Head Meeting. 


Adoption of Agenda – A motion to adopt the agenda was made by Ross, seconded by Koopmans; Motion Carried


Approval of Minutes from December 11, 2018 – A computer problem led to the loss of the minutes taken by Secretary Stone so Director Ganz typed up minutes based on notes taken by Vice President Koopmans.   Board Members added the information that they could remember to the minutes.  A motion to adopt the December 11, 2018, meeting minutes as presented, even though they are incomplete, was made by Koopmans, seconded by Zembrycki.  Motion Carried


Trustee Training – Board Member Shappell reported on the Trustee Training session he watched: How to Deal with Challenges to Materials and Policies.  All Materials and Policies should apply to everyone and responsive to every inquiry. Even out in public, Board Members may be questioned and should be cautious to express no individual opinion.  The Poynette Library should have a policy and we should pass it along or give them the option to contact Director Ganz.  The Poynette Library does have a complaint/concern form which should be provided along with an explanation of the Process that can end in a hearing.  The Library Board acts as judge.  A complaint/concern that has been officially lodged should be seen as an opportunity for growth.  The Board should not sensational it and should rely on experts outside our circle, as needed.  Director Ganz said we do have a complaint/concern form and it is on our website.   There was a discussion about complaints that had been lodged elsewhere. 


Treasurer’s Report – Due to the meeting early in the New Year, December financial statements were not available.


Current Budget Review – Director Ganz couldn’t get a lot of information from the Village for the same reason.  Budget is pretty much on track with $18,000 left; $11,000 of that is carry-over. 


Director’s Report – Poynette Library got a grant to purchase books on medical imaging and radiation therapy.  Friends’ bake sale and silent auction were very successful and made over $3,000.  Director Ganz met with Tamara Ramski from SCLS to discuss a digitalization process in partnership with the Historical Society with a link to Recollection WI website.  She is also working with Rose Zeich (SCLS) to update the Library’s webpage.  WiFi stats are not accurate due to the loss of some information but the numbers are up.  Pioneer Place residents are excited about our efforts.  Winter Carnival will take place on Feb. 2nd and volunteers are needed.  The Library received $2,000 from the Tom Kemp trust.  He typically bought a 2nd copy of best-sellers so it was agreed that the funds should be used to continue that tradition.  The Library did close early on New Year’s Eve due to weather.


Updates on Village Meetings – Fiori was absent so there was no report.


Friends of the Library Report – see Public Comments.






  1. Approval of vouchers for Library – A motion to approve the December vouchers was made by Mutchler, seconded by Koopmans; Motion Carried
  2. Strategic Plan Update  - Director Ganz put a copy in the packet for review; the  Historical Society is the Library’s newest partner.  Director Ganz weeded and replaced adult collection.  Collections have been relocated and seems to be working well; the next step is to get new signage.  The furniture replacement is complete.  Staff is working on the office remodel, waiting for the design to come through.  A lot of libraries are going fine free and it was decided that this is a topic for further discussion as we move forward.
  3. Discuss/ consider technology needs – The Library no longer has a technology plan and the Board plans to review needs annually.  Director Ganz just bought a tablet for staff to use at trainings or to demonstrate “apps” to patrons.  
  4. Discuss/ consider disposal of HP printer – It was decided that the printer should be made available through an ad, placed in the same places as Library meeting notices.  The best offer should be accepted.
  5. Discuss/ consider Electronic & Information Systems Policy - Director Ganz started with the Village’s plan and revised it for the Library, keeping it consistent with the Village’s.   it is a 12 page policy so Board will work through it a couple pages at a time.  It was suggested that staff can use library equipment as a patron as long as it’s not on work time.   Information needs to be included about records’ retention per statute.  The advice is: “Don’t delete, archive”.
  6. Discuss/ consider Collection Policy – Director Ganz made changes recommended at previous meetings.  Feedback from Patrons indicate they like opportunity to buy books that have been taken out of our collections. A Motion to approve the Policy  as amended was made by Koopmans, seconded by Shappell, Motion Carried
  7. Discuss/ consider OCI yearbook digitization – Director Ganz has been working on it, the process produces 2 copies - one for us and one for the Historical Society.  They are prompt but some concern was expressed as to what OCI does with their copy and the related information.  Yearbooks through 1988 have been completed.  Do we hold back information from 5 or 10 years?  A Motion to continue to submit yearbooks up until 10 years from publication for digitization was made by Koopmans, seconded by  Zembrycki,  Motion Carried
  8. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 – Include Items 1, 5, annual report, calendar, evaluations, and  update monthly calendar,


Meeting adjourned at 7:42 P.M.

Respectively submitted by Caryn Stone.