Minutes, January 11, 2022


Tuesday, January 11, 2022, at 6:00 pm

Poynette Area Public Library


Call to Order and Roll Call - The meeting was called to order at 6:10 PM by President Jason Koopmans.

Attending the meeting were Board Members Jason Koopmans, Linda Ross and Meghan Visger. Board Members Joni DeYoung, Matt Shappell, and Darcy Miller attended virtually. Dave Tessmer was unable to attend. Library Director Jodi Bailey was also present.


Certification of Proper Notice - Yes


Guests are Welcome to Attend - None


Public Comments - None


Adoption of Agenda - A motion to adopt the agenda was made by Ross, seconded by Koopmans; Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes from December 14, 2021 Meeting - A motion to adopt the December meeting minutes was made by Ross, seconded by Koopmans; Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report Presented by Treasurer Linda Ross - The library checking account at Hometown Bank has a balance of $4,594.89 as of December 31, 2021. The SCLS Foundation account has a balance of $2,053.89 as of December 31, 2021.


Current Budget Review - Director Bailey presented the budget. Natalie (Village Clerk/Treasurer) informed Director Bailey that the auditors will review the 2021 Budget in January, so there may be some changes noted at our next meeting.


Director’s Report - On December 17th, 133 family members visited the library to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. The Friends of the Library provided a free book to each child in attendance. Director Bailey finalized the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, prepared flyers, and completed her Wisc. DPI Grade 2 Public Library Director Certification in December. Katy Hanousek and Director Bailey collaborated with The Green Stem to assist with their “Letters to Santa” community project. Two volunteers from the Friends of the Poynette Library delivered books to support our Pioneer Place community outreach. Katy continued to update and monitor the library’s website and Facebook page. Kelly Anderson hosted a Technology Q&A session, a Writers Group meeting, Book Clubs, and other Adult programs. The Winter Reading Program began on December 23rd and ends on January 31st.


Village of Poynette Meeting Update - DeYoung shared that the Village Board approved the Library’s Storage Space Rental Agreement. Adam Rogge, Interim Police Chief, is looking for community members to come to a meeting on the 21st of January at 5:30 PM to brainstorm ideas for community service. Due to the increase in population, the Village will have an additional Class B liquor license available.


Friends of the Library Report - The Friends are planning on helping create a Career Center display in the back hallway of the library. This will be an area to help give out reference materials for career options in the area. Director Bailey is looking into purchasing a slat wall and repairing/repainting the rear entrance for this display.


Trustee Training - Dave Tessmer was absent so this was tabled for our next meeting.



Discuss/Approval of Vouchers for Library - Shappell made a motion to accept the vouchers as presented, seconded by Koopmans; Motion carried.

Discuss Bookmobile for future Library outreach and establish a Sub-Committee – Director Bailey expressed an interest in forming a Bookmobile Sub-Committee. Miller and DeYoung volunteered. Director Bailey will ask Trustee Tessmer if he’s also interested in being on this committee.

Discuss/consider the Library’s new Storage Space Rental Sublease Policy - Director Bailey revised the sublease policy with help from the Village Attorney, Chris Hughes. Koopmans made a motion to accept the new Storage Space Rental Sublease Policy as it’s been presented, DeYoung seconded; Motion carried. The policy will be reviewed and possibly enhanced again next month.

Discuss/consider Village of Poynette Library Storage Space Rental Agreement – Koopmans made a motion to accept the Storage Space Rental Agreement, Ross seconded; Motion carried.

Discuss/confirm Poynette Library Board of Trustee terms for 2022 - Director Bailey contacted Sue Moll (Columbia Co. Clerk) because we have one less Columbia County Appointee in 2022 due to funding. It was recommended by Sue that Ross resign as a Columbia County Appointee and Ross will now be representing the Library Board as a Village Appointee in 2022. Ross notified Sue Moll and Director Bailey notified Natalie Megow (Village Clerk/Treasurer). Koopmans made a motion that we accept Ross’s resignation as a Columbia County Appointee and accept her term as a Village Appointee until 2024, Ross seconded; Motion carried.

Discuss Agenda items for the next meeting on February 8, 2022 - Business Agenda items 1, 2, 3, and 5, will carry over, adopt the annual report, as well as any items that may arise in the meantime.


Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM.


Respectively submitted by Meghan Visger, Secretary.