Minutes, July 10, 2018


Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library




Call to Order and Roll Call – The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M.  Attending the meeting were Board Members Kelly Palmer, Jason Koopmans, Jeanne Mutchler, Matt Shappell, Linda Ross, and Caryn Stone.  Director Lindsey Ganz was also present.  Teri Fiori was not present.


Certification of Proper Notice - Yes


Introduction of guest(s) – Ardyce Piehl and Ashley Zembrycki had submitted applications to be on the Library Board and were present to introduce themselves.  Ms. Zembrycki stayed for the length of the meeting.


Public Comments - None


Adoption of Agenda – A motion to adopt the agenda was made by Shappell, seconded by Mutchler; Motion Carried.


Approval of Minutes from May 8, 2018 - As there was no June meeting due to the lack of a quorum, the Minutes from the May meeting were presented for approval.  A motion to adopt the May Meeting Minutes made by Ross, seconded by Palmer; Motion Carried.


Trustee Training – Jason Koopmans presented trustee training on library budgets.  He highlighted the need for a strategic plan to guide the spending and targeted spending based on library programs.  A sub-committee should prepare a draft of the annual budget which is then approved by the Library Board and finally by the Village Board.  The budget should be clear.  Public funding may be necessary to balance the budget.


Treasurer’s Report –, The balance in the SCLS Foundation account was $1,485.40 as of May 31, 2018 and the Library Checking account balance was $2,247.28 as of June 30, 2018.


Current Budget Review – Director Ganz reviewed the budget, noting a large increase in the cost of the Portage Daily Register while everything else remained approximately the same.  The Village applied $26,495 to the 2018 library budget contingency fund. There is approximately $7,000 in the Applied Fund Balance of the Village accounts.


Director’s Report – Director Ganz reviewed her Reports from the June meeting as well as the July meeting.  She noted that she would be putting an ad in the paper to thank the many supporters who made donations to the Summer Library Program.  The participation in the Arlington Outreach Program has increased.


Updates on Village Meetings – Teri Fiore was not present so there was no update.


Friends of the Library Report – The Friends are making arrangements to bring in a guest author to speak.





  1. Approval of vouchers for Library - A motion to approve the June vouchers was made by Mutchler, seconded by Koopmans; Motion Carried.
  2. Discuss/ consider position descriptions – Palmer made a motion to adopt the brand new position descriptions; seconded by Ross. Motion Carried
  3. Select budget committee – Stone, Koopmans and Ganz will continue their work as the Budget Committee.
  4. Discuss/ consider ABC (rotating audiobook collection) participation – Participation is reviewed annually; a motion to continue was made by Mutchler, seconded by Koopmans; Motion Carried
  5. Discuss/ consider agreement to participate in SCLS technology services – A minor change to the service agreement was made by SCLS in order to protect each local library; A motion to approve the agreement was made by Shappell, seconded by Mutchler; Motion Carried
  6. Update Library Monthly Action Calendar – Completed and reviewed for the Board by Director Ganz.
  7. Discuss/consider applicants for Library Trustee – There were three applicants, two of whom came to the Board Meeting.Palmer made a motion to accept Ms. Zembrycki as our new Board Member, commenting on the youth and enthusiasm that she would bring to the Board. Seconded by Ross; Motion Carried.
  8. Nominate and appoint officers – Koopmans made the motion to have the current slate of President, Vice President and Treasurer continue and to accept Stone’s offer to fill the role of Secretary.Seconded by Palmer; Motion Carried.
  9. Distribute Director Evaluation – Director Ganz distributed the evaluation forms and asked that they be completed and delivered to President Mutchler when completed but before the next meeting.
  10. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 – Done, with suggestions given to Director Ganz.


Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 7:10 P.M.


Respectively submitted by Caryn Stone.