Minutes, July 14, 2020

Poynette Area Public Library Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 14, 2020, at 6:00 pm

Poynette Area Public Library Agenda:


Call to Order and Roll Call - The meeting was called to order at 6:10 by President Jason Koopmans. Attending via Webex were Shappell and Tessmer.  Attending the meeting in person were Board Members Ross, Mueller, Zembrycki and Visger.  Library Director Jodi Bailey was present. 


Certification of Proper Notice - Yes


Guests are welcome to attend - Darcy Miller was in attendance as a guest and will be an official board member next month.


Public Comments - None


Adoption of Agenda - Motion to adopt the agenda by Ross, seconded by Mueller: Motion Carried.


Approval of Minutes from June 9, 2020 Meeting - Motion to approve the Minutes from June 9, 2020 Meeting by Shappell, seconded by Zembrycki: Motion Carried.


Treasurer’s Report - The Hometown Bank Account has a balance of $4,587.30 (as of June 30, 2020), and the SCLS Foundation balance (as of May 31, 2020) is $1,629.04.


Current Budget Review - Director Bailey presented the budget.  Koopmans noted that we were about 50% of the way through the year and expenses were on track for that. Bailey shared that the budget was going well. Expenses that are usually spent on programing are now going towards books. 


Director’s Report - As attached and reviewed by Director Bailey.  Highlights: The summer reading program kicked off online via Beanstack. Circulation counts are up. Katy Hanousek organized an outdoor Story Walk that is set up by the baseball field. The library has been open since June 11th. Curbside pickup is still going well. There is an opportunity for a grant through SCLS. They are ordering a self-check machine that will be offered to us at a low cost. There is a new Good Reads book discussion group that Katy organized. There are over 113 patrons signed up for the summer reading program and 81 patrons & their families watched Zoozort on Facebook Live. Bailey has been learning some new techniques in an SCLS Overdrive Support course. Staff hours have changed, but the new schedule is working well for them. It’s been really good to have patrons & staff back in the building. The challenges have been unique, but it’s been going smoothly.


Trustee Training for July: Linda Ross - Her training was on “The Opening Meetings Laws” for the Library Board. Meeting Notice must be noted to the public 24 hours in advance. It can be noted in the public newspaper, but must be posted in three public places. The location of the meeting must be accessible to the public. An email should not be used to communicate issues, only the agenda. The meeting minutes must be kept and made available to the public. One legal reason to hold a closed session is for personnel -related issues. The closed session subject must be noted on the agenda. The announcement must be in the Minutes. It’s recommended that votes be taken during open session. 


Village Meeting held June 22nd: Update by Mueller - The Village Board is currently working on its 2021 budget and its five-year long range goals. 




Discuss/Approval of vouchers for Library - Bailey is working on stopping the service for the hot spot from Verizon since it is not currently being used - Motion to approve the vouchers as presented by Koopmans; seconded by Visger: Motion Carried.

Discuss LED lighting information - There are three different prices from three different manufactures. Mueller would like to do different zones at a time. General Engineering is stating about $125 a fixture. Mueller’s proposal is to keep the fixtures and replace the bulbs. Bulbs would be $10 per bulb and with the rebate, it would be $8.50. The total cost of the bulbs would be $120. Village Maintenance staff will assist with the project as time permits.  Motion by Mueller to replace the first zone, not to exceed $200, with LED retrofit lighting in the Director’s office.  Labor would be donated by Mueller; seconded by Zembrycki: Motion Carried.

Discuss new library hours and re-opening to the Public (June 11th) - Bailey was looking for feedback from the Board as community members. The Board felt the re-opening was going well and didn’t have any comments or suggestions that they’ve received from the community.

Discuss vacant Columbia Country Board Appointee - Darcy Miller was welcomed as a guest and nominated by Bailey as a future Board member. Miller introduced herself to the Board and shared that she is looking forward to giving back to the community. A motion to approve Darcy Miller as our new Columbia County Board Appointee was made by Koopmans; seconded by Mueller: Motion Carried.

Discuss /Select Budget Committee - Koopmans, Ross, Mueller, and Zembrycki volunteered to be part of the Budget Committee as well as Director Jodi Bailey. They will be meeting soon to begin preparing the 2021 budget.

Discuss Agenda items for the next meeting. Bailey requested to move the meeting to

August 4, 2020. This worked for everyone. Items 1, 2, 3, & 5 (update from the Budget

Committee), discuss Village cable channel, and any other issues that may arise. 


Adjournment at 7:18 PM