Minutes, July 9, 2019


Tuesday, July 9, 2019 at 6:00pm

                                                                 Poynette Area Public Library​         


Call to Order and Roll Call - The meeting was called to order at 6:00 P.M. by President Jeanne Mutchler. Attending the meeting were Board Members

Jeanne Mutchler, Jason Koopmans, Caryn Stone, Linda Ross and Doug Avery. Matt Shappell and Ashley Zembrycki were absent.  Director Lindsey Ganz was also present. 

Certification of Proper Notice - Yes 

Introduction of guest(s) - None present

Public Comments - None 

Adoption of Agenda - Motion was made by Ross, seconded by Koopmans to adopt the Agenda for the July 9, 2019 Library Board Meeting.  Motion Carried. 

Approval of Minutes from June 11, 2019 - Motion was made by Mutchler, seconded by Avery to approve the Meeting Minutes from June 11, 2019. Motion Carried. 

Trustee Training - Koopmans presented Trustee Training information to the Board about the Open Meeting Law. Its intent is to support the publics’ right to information and to provide the public with a forum.  It sets forth the requirements for meeting notice and simplified requirements for an emergency meeting (at least two hours notice).  The posting must include ALL subjects to be discussed at the meeting. There are financial penalties for illegal closed sessions.

Treasurer’s Report - As of May 31, 2019, the Library Account with Hometown

Bank had a balance of $2,865.75. The SCLSF Account had a balance on April

30, 2019, of $1,647.75. 

Current Budget Review - Director Ganz went over the budget, there were no questions.

Director’s Report - Director Ganz went over the Director’s Report.  There was some discussion about the check-out data showing a decrease in the number of check-outs but it was felt that the library closings due to the bad winter weather played a major factor in that.  She also reported that the Portage Library has a new director.

Updates on Village Meetings - Avery reported that the Village Board held lengthy discussions about the need for new sidewalks for the new school location. A map is available which shows the location of the proposed sidewalks.  The Village Board is also starting their emergency protocol process.  Lowville, Dekorra and Poynette are working on their Emergency Services agreement.


Friends of the Library Report - Director Ganz was unable to attend the Friends Meeting but was informed that they are making some minor changes to their by-laws and will no longer fund the 5/10/15 year bonuses for staff.


  1. Discuss/Approval of vouchers for Library - Motion was made by

Mutchler, seconded by Stone to adopt the Vouchers. Motion Carried 

  1. Update Library monthly action calendar  - Motion was made by Ross to approve the calendar with the changes suggested regarding the Director’s Evaluation  Seconded by Mutchler; Motion Carried
  2. Discuss/ consider Obsolete Equipment/Furniture Policy - The Board suggested some language changes to the Policy so that the Director can make some decisions about obsolete furniture and/or equipment on her own.  A revised Policy will be presented at the August meeting. 
  3. Select Budget Committee - Koopmans and Stone volunteered to remain on the committee along with Director Ganz. 
  4. Nominate and appoint offices - Ross nominated Koopmans to assume the role of President; Stone nominated Ross for Vice President; and Ross nominated Stone to continue as Secretary/Treasurer.  All new positions will be effective August 1, 2019. 
  5. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - At this time, Items 1. and 3. will be carried forward with the addition of the preliminary report from the Budget Committee, the possibility of adding a “little library” in conjunction with the new sidewalks, and a Strategic Plan Update.  More items may be added as the need arises. 

Adjournment - At 7:24 PM. 

Respectfully Submitted by Caryn Stone