Minutes, October 10, 2017


Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library




Call to Order and Roll Call - Present - Stone, Palmer, Mutchler, Fiore, Shappell and Ganz.  Absent - Hanson and Koopmans


Certification of Proper Notice - Yes


Introduction of guest(s) - None


Public Comments - None


Adoption of Agenda - Motion by Fiore and Shappell.  MC


Approval of Minutes from September 12, 2017 - Motion by Shappell and Fiore.  MC


Trustee Training - Fiore presented summary of the session she viewed which was about library standards.    Palmer scheduled for November meeting.             


Treasurer’s Report - Stone reported on balance of SCLS Foundation account: $1,400.51.


Current Budget Review - Discussion of decrease from the County and addition of carryover and Impact Fee Fund from the Village and the resulting minor adjustments that needed to be made to Library budget.


Director’s Report - Lindsey presented her report, no questions.


Updates on Village Meetings - Dekorra possibly renting space from the Village.  Some discussion of videotaping the meetings. They are also working on the 2018 Budget. There will be upcoming meeting for the public about the Pearl Street project.


Friends of the Library Report - They are going to support 50% of the cost of the visiting author at the High School. The Friends also voted to pay for the Packer Presentation. The Friends are getting ready for the Silent Auction.


Budget Committee Report - Tabled




  1. Approval of Vouchers for Library - motioned for approval Palmer/Stone. MC
  2. Discuss/ Consider 2018 Budget - No action was needed.
  3. Discuss/ Consider Library Holiday Hours for 2017 - It was decided that the Library would be closed Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017.Mutchler/Stone. MC
  4. Discuss/ Consider approval of Resolution to authorize transfer of funds – Tabled until we receive the final bill.
  5. Discuss/ Consider carryover spending - Spending committee reported on progress.Discussion regarding postponing furniture purchases until 2018, per Village request. Deb will be sending additional fabric samples.
  6. Bylaw Review - Given to Trustees for review.
  7. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, November 14, 2017.#1, 2, 4, 5, 6, plus addition of strategic plan update.

Adjournment at 7:05 pm.