Minutes, September 10, 2019


Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 6:00pm

Poynette Area Public Library




Call to Order and Roll Call - Meeting called to order at 6:00PM by President Koopmans.  Present were Jeanne Mutchler, Jason Koopmans, Linda Ross, Caryn Stone, Matt Shappell, Meghan Visger, and Ashley Zembrycki.   Director Ganz was also present.  Absent was Doug Avery who has resigned.


Certification of Proper Notice - Yes


Introduction of guest(s) - None


Public Comments - None


Adoption of Agenda - Motion by Shappell, seconded by Mutchler to approve the agenda.  Motion Carried.


Approval of Minutes from August 13, 2019 - Motion by Mutchler, seconded by Ze,brycki to approve the minutes.  Motion Carried.


Trustee Training - Presented by Director Ganz - Membership in the library system, talked about development, cooperation versus competition, requirements for library per ch 43, library system and requirements of county.  Director must have proper cert thru DPI, at least 20 hours open to the public if part of the SCLS.  County has to approve plan, participation with SCLS, board should budget for cost of maintaining cert.  Could join another system as long as they’re adjacent. 


Treasurer’s Report - The Hometown Bank account has a balance of $2,865.75, SCLS Foundation Account has $1,660.96.


Current Budget Review - No questions.  Director Ganz commented that she needs to check with Village Clerk about insurance costs


Director’s Report - Attached: Director Ganz highlighted the following: carpet cleaning went well,  school back in session so busy with that.  WiFi accounting is changing so it may change how monthly report looks.  257 in summer library program, gearing up for Fall.  Admin counsel meeting was interesting, how to communicate better.  In middle of township visits,  got book grant and there are some requirements about displaying, acknowledging grant, etc. 


Updates on Village Meetings - Avery no longer on the Board since he has moved so no report.  Matt said they got grant for trail and dog park underway.


Friends of the Library Report - The Friends have provided an additional $2,000 to finish non-fiction childrens and teens book project.  They are continuing with 4k reading buddies program and want to get on bookworms (a county program).  They are beginning organizing for the silent auction.


Budget Committee Report - Committee did not meet again.





  1. Discuss/ Approval of vouchers for Library - 3 additions to vouchers: Visa $50, Cintas $136.10, book refund $20.00, - Motion by Ross, seconded by Mutchler to approve the vouchers.Motion Carried. MC
  2. Strategic Plan Update - Attached, Director Ganz updated each area, public works tested water.
  3. Discuss/ consider wireless access points - SCLS is providing everyone in the system with new access points, we have one for the whole building, but scls is recommending at least 2 but preferably 3.All of the cost for the replacement access point will be paid for by SCLS, 96% of an additional two access points will be reimbursed by Teach Grant and E-rate funds.Koopmans made a motion to move forward with 3 access points and the costs associated with installation, seconded by Visger.Motion Carried
  4. Discuss/ consider office remodel - Total estimated cost is $10,000, which includes lockers, desks, wall mounted cabinet, lights, an L-shaped desk for the director, aq processing table, and another table for use by the disabled.There is $32,582 in carry-over funds and it was generally agreed that this was a good plan.However, the agenda item was tabled until the October meeting since the Board will also need to pass a Resolution to move the funds.
  5. Discuss/ consider 2020 Budget Draft -Mutchler made a motion to move forward with the budget which includes a 4% raise for the staff with the addition of $300 for the cost of the port fees and $50 for Longevity new staff.
  6. Discuss Agenda items for next meeting on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 - Items 1, 4, and 5 are carried forward.


Adjournment at 7:38 PM


Respectfully Submitted by Caryn Stone