The Odds of Lightning by Jocelyn Davies

Reviewed by L. Hanousek, April 2017

When you become so involved with furthering yourself and you concentrate only on your interests, you lose everyone you ever thought you wanted to be close to. Four best friends get into high school, and all of sudden they lose each other and they come unmoored from what really matters; the people that make you into who you are. In The Odds of Lightning by Jocelyn Davies, it takes a superstorm, a lightning strike and more than a little soul-searching for these four friends to find that who they are isn’t defined by who they were.

Told in a flashback style, with undeniable magic, I would recommend this book to any that believe in, well, The Odds of Lightning. A coming-of-age story that will be remembered into the next age, with a little splash of magic, The Odds of Lightning is a marvelous read for those into stories about growing up and figuring out your purpose in life, as well as readers of the magical realism genre. This book will expand your mind and maybe help you to find who you are, as well.