The Outsiders By S.E. Hinton

Reviewed by H. McNicol, January 2019

The Outsiders is a story of socs vs greasers. The socs are the wealthy up town kids. The greasers are the poor kids from the bad side of town. The story follows Ponyboy, as he and his friends get into a bit of trouble. The book begins with Ponyboy getting jumped by a group of socs on his way home, only to be saved by the rest of the gang. Later that night he goes to the drive in theater with his friends Johnny, Dallas, and Two-Bit. There the boys pick up two soc girls that have ditched their boyfriends. Their boyfriends are able to track them down as the greasers are walking them home, but they just take their girls and leave. That night Ponyboy gets into a fight with his oldest brother Darry. This prompts him to runaway, leading Johnny to come with him. Ponyboy stops running shortly after he began. The soc’s boyfriends have managed to find Ponyboy and Johnny as they rest in the park. The socs came looking for a fight.

The Outsiders is written for a teenage audience, but could appeal to those older. This book does include content that may be hard to digest for younger readers, but it's nothing that couldn’t be handled. The book does include violent acts with in it. This book is a twist on the normal take on greasers. It’s a very interesting book that only gets better the more you read it. I highly recommend picking up The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.