Quarantine: The Loners by Lex Thomas

Reviewed by L. Hanousek, September 2017

In a world just like our own, two brothers drive to school. When they get to school, they find that all of the teachers are dead, and everyone enrolled is locked into school in quarantine. If you’re an adult and you breathe the air near an infected child, you will die.

This dramatic beginner of a quadrilogy, Quarantine: the Loners starts the story of two brothers trying to live through high school, through the Quarantine, and through puberty, at which point they will phase out of infection and can go back into the real world. Quarantine: the Loners is a uniquely complicated book filled with unusual premises and plot twists that will come out of nowhere and infect you with enthusiasm.

I would recommend this book to sci-fi enthusiasts. While it is more geared toward younger males, anyone and everyone can relate to the struggle to survive high school and to connect with the world after you’ve been through something life-changing. This book is an absolute surprise, and overall I found it to be a thriller that you won’t even realize is eating up those long, boring hours.