As You Wish by Jackson Pearce

Reviewed by K. Yanna, June 2019

Violet is in a slump. When her boyfriend (Lawrence) broke up with her, her world seemed to collapse. People no longer noticed her in the halls, she isn’t somebody’s somebody, and she sees groups forming without her. She just wishes to belong again. Her wishing summons a young genie called Jinn. She has three wishes to use. Until those three wishes are used up, Jinn remains in Violet’s world instead of his own. With anxiety about what to wish for, Violet and Jinn spend more and more time together. Soon, mutual feelings develop. Their happiness has a cost, as Jinn must return to his separate world.

The plot was nice, thick, and often twisty. Often involving Violet, Jinn, and Lawrence, the plot turns as Violet’s first wish is granted. As she wishes herself into the arms of popular Aaron, Violet can’t stop comparing him to Jinn as Jinn struggles with his blossoming jealousy. The narrative switches between Violet and Jinn for an almost Percy Jackson like novel. Unlike Percy Jackson, As You Wish is a romantic novel first, and a fantasy book second. The romantic fantasy can come off as cheesy and comical, and Violet can seem wishy-washy. For a rating of 3.5/5 stars, As You Wish is a cute romantic fantasy novel.