9 From the Nine Worlds by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by D. Elsing, January 2019

The book 9 From the Nine Worlds by Rick Riordan is a collection of stories following the side characters from the Magnus Chase and the Gods Of Asgard series. The book follows the multiple stories of the Einherjar as they try and live their lives, but as they try to complete simple tasks, Thor appears. Thor, on his run through the nine worlds, doesn’t pay attention to what is going on around him, so he causes mischief through his ignorance. The book has nine different chapters, and each chapter is a different story revolving around a different world. Each chapter has different characters with different agendas, but there is some overlap of characters between chapters.  The book is a sequel to the Boat of The Dead and makes little hints to the past books, so I wouldn’t recommend reading this book out of order.

This book is good for teenagers and all genders. This is a mythological action book. If you like the Percy Jackson series, then you will like this one. It has the same light-hearted and comedic tone. Overall this book is a quick, fun, and easy read. I would give the book a three out of five because I liked the book, but it wasn’t great.