The Accident by Natalie Barelli

Reviewed by B. Ullsvik, January 2021

Katherine Nichols is a single mom. She works at a law firm. Katherine is a very very smart person. She is amazing at math, and understanding complex ideas. While seeing her mother, Kat meets a girl named Eve. After a long talk, they both decide that Eve should come to work with Katherine at the firm. After a long day at work, the pair decides to go to a bar. A few hours and drinks later, it’s time to go home. Kat knows it isn’t safe to drive, but Eve convinces her that it’s ok. Just as they leave the parking lot, the car hits something. When they get out of the car, it looks like a person, but they aren’t sure. Eve tells Katherine that they need to just drive off, so that is exactly what they do. No one knows about their secret, and Katherine hopes that with the help of Eve, all this can go away. But she will find out that it’s only the beginning.