The Assassin Game by Kirsty McKay

Reviewed by W. Erickson, July 2019

Main character Cate attends an isolated boarding school on an island where the internet is very difficult to access and there isn’t much to do around the area. So, among the students at the school there is a tradition, a game called Killer is a tradition only few are selected to play. Members who are chose to play the game must be avoid being “Killed” through a series of pranks and identify the murder. Only this time it's different: the game stops feeling fake and things start getting dangerous.

When Cate was invited to join the Assassins' Guild she felt it was her chance to fit in, but between the schools threats to shut the game down, and threats on her life can she find out who the real assassin is and also keep playing the game?

The Assassin Game is an incredible intriguing book, this book is a good fit for any teenagers so if you're into thrillers or mysteries this would be a book for you.