Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

Reviewed by D. Elsing, July 2019

The story Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs is the first book in the FunJungle series. The story picks up in the middle of the zoo the FunJungle where we meet the main character Theodore (Teddy) Fitzroy causing trouble by giving monkeys water balloons. Teddy is a strong headed, twelve year old who suspects that when the mascot of the zoo Henry the Hippo died of ‘natural causes’ that some foul play has occurred. Throughout the book there are some twists and turns that will surprise you. The book has some good suspense and mystery elements while also having some comedic bits and pieces interlaced in the story. If you like the Spy School series this book would be a good read. I liked the book, it’s a short read, and the story kept my attention through the whole story.