A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Reviewed by N. Weichmann, February 2019

Feyre Archeron is driven by two things, the need to provide for her family and an empty stomach.  One frigid winter evening she ventures too far out into the woods that border her family’s barely standing cottage with the mission of gathering a meal to last weeks and consumed with the prospect of a warm meal and nourished family.  After a lengthy enough period of time with no luck, Feyre begins to lose all hope, but then a massive wolf with glowing eyes steps out of the brush. Without thinking twice, she lets her arrow fly and takes down the creature. Little does Feyre know, she just slayed one of the enigmatic immortal beings called Fae from the land forbidden and despised by mortals like her.  As punishment for her actions, Feyre is kidnapped by the quick tempered, reserved, and compassionate Fae named Tamlin. He plunges her into a whole new mystical immortal world filled with well kept secrets, wealth, lust, masks, and magic. Stubborn Feyre reluctantly has to learn to cope with her new conditions of living and make new relationships along the way.

This novel is certainly aimed towards the teenager age group, for it possesses the common themes that are associated with teens today.  While both genders are perfectly capable of enjoying this book, it is certainly more suited to the female audience with a prominent romance.  There are also a few more mature scenes, so this book would definitely sit better with older teens in high school and college. If you have read and enjoyed fantasy books in the past such as the “Red Queen” series, this book should definitely be on your list.  The author also came out in saying that the novel was “Beauty and the Beast” inspired, so if that interests you this book may be something to check out. Personally, I greatly enjoyed this book and found that I couldn’t put it down as I became immersed in its intricate plot.  Overall, I definitely recommend “A Court of Thorns and Roses”.