Crime Scene by Johnathan Kellerman

Reviewed by B. Ullsvik, April 2020

In the book Crime Scene by Johnathan Kellerman, Clay Edison is a deputy coroner, going out to answer a simple call. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary about it. It just seemed like an old man had a heart attack and died. But when Clay went outside to talk to the man's daughter, she claimed it was not an accident. She claims he was pushed, even though there was no evidence that suggested that. Clay went on with his life but just couldn't shake what Tatiana (the daughter) had said. Their relationship deepens the more they talk, and Clay devotes his whole life to figuring out what happened to her father. He looks into everything, and that leads him to reopening a case that was closed a long time ago. Clay will do anything to figure out what happened, even risking his job.

P.S This book is not for young readers.