Crunch Time by Mariah Fredericks

Reviewed by B. Ullsvik, November 2019

It is that time of the school year, time for the SATs! Of course, no one is excited. One group of friends decided to form a study group at someone's house. Jane, Leo, Daisy, and Max all want to do good on the SAT but think that the practice tests are bogus. Together they work on them and help each other with problems. The SATs roll around and everyone does well. Then the word gets out that someone cheated. No one knows who, but everyone thinks its Leo or some rich kid. Everyone is trying to figure out who did it. The school counselor thinks it is Daisy because of how well she did on the test, but no thinks it's her. She doesn't have the money to pull something like this off.  Now it is the end of the year, so of course, there are parties being thrown. Jane has one at her house, and that is when the lives of the four friends will change forever.