The Death Cure by James Dashner

Reviewed by H. McNicol, March 2021

The trials have come to an end. The Gladers are given the chance to receive their memories back, and learn who’s sadly not immune in their group. Thomas, Minho, and Newt refuse to undergo the memory procedure, and instead have the help of Brenda and Jorge to escape WICKED. The group must travel to Denver, the last city, to find a Doctor who can help remove WICKED’s tracking device from the boys. There they meet an old character, who is believed to be dead. With the help of the Right Arm, the gladers move to end WICKED and save their friends. The last installment to The Maze Runner series allows for the reader to see the characters in new light, as they bring an end to the world the reader has come to know. 

I highly recommend reading The Death Cure. It is, in my opinion, the best installment in the trilogy. The book made me laugh, the plot twists completely changed the tone of the book at times and kept me on my toes, and I don’t think I've cried over the death of a character like I did with The Death Cure. It is a book I know that I can pick and enjoy reading again and again, as long as there’s a box of tissues nearby to dry my tears.