Goldfish by Nat Luurtsema

Reviewed by B. Ullsvik, October 2019

Lou Brown was your average high school student. She had one friend from the swim team who was everything to her. The day of the race Lou’s heart was racing. It was the last race of the year before summer.  The starting gun went off and she dove into the water. When the race was over, Lou realized that she hadn't won. She always won. After that, her coach decided she should take a break. Skip forward a few months to school time. Lou had taken the whole summer off and it was clear she wasn't going to be swimming anytime soon. Her best friend had moved away so she was left with no one. After a few days, she was approached by an older group of boys. They saw her swimming and asked if she could help them with something. Little did Lou know that she was in for the biggest surprise of her life.