Internet Computer Use Policy



(Amended 3-14-2017)

In keeping with its mission, the library provides access to various electronic resources, including the Internet. All users of electronic information resources are expected to use these resources in a responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which they are provided and to follow these rules and regulations.



•             Users must have a valid library card, (visitors must use a temporary code).

•             No more than 2 persons will be allowed at the computer at any time.

•             The library reserves the right for staff to monitor use.


*WiFi users are not allowed to print on the library printer. 

*The cost for black/white and color printing is as posted and may be subject to change without advance notice. 



•             Patrons may schedule time up to one week in advance.

•             Use is limited to 120 minutes per day except during peak hours which is limited to 30 minute intervals; extension of this time is at the discretion of the staff.

•             Walk-ins may use any unscheduled time; if a scheduled user is 10 minutes late, a walk-in can use the remaining time scheduled.



Librarians are partners with parents in guiding children to safe and appropriate use of the Internet. In compliance with requirements of the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Neighborhood Children's Internet Protection Act (NCIPA), Poynette Library filters all Internet computers and wireless signals available through the library. Adult patrons age 17 years and older may elect to disable the filter for unrestricted Internet access for any lawful purpose that meets the guidelines of the Poynette Library.



The public library, unlike schools, does not serve in loco parentis (in place of a parent).  Librarians cannot act in the place of parents in providing constant care and supervision of children as they explore the Internet.  Parents/ guardians may opt out their minor children from library computer access by contacting the Poynette Library.



Computer resources, including wireless internet, should be used in accordance with the ethical standards of the library. Examples of unacceptable use (some may have legal consequences) include, but are not limited to, the following:

•             Using resources for unauthorized, illegal or unethical purposes including copyrighted materials.

•             Sending, receiving, or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene.

•             Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers assigned to others, or any other violation of another user’s privacy.

•             Attempting to crash or degrade performance of or gain unauthorized access to the library’s computer system and networks.

•             Damaging or altering equipment; software or data belonging to the library

•             Users who abuse these guidelines will have their computer privileges revoked as follows: 10 days after the first offense, 30 days after the second offense, 90 days after the third offense, and permanently after the fourth offense.  Parents or guardians will be notified of offenses by minors.



•             The library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility for any damages arising from access to or use of information obtained through its electronic information systems which may be incurred by individuals or groups.

•             The library’s materials selection policy cannot be applied to material accessed electronically. The user (or parent, guardian or caregiver) must determine the authenticity and appropriateness of material accessed.  The library assumes no responsibility for its content.

•             The library assumes no responsibility for use of the Internet by children.


Questions regarding the use of computers not specifically covered by this policy will be decided by the librarian on duty.