The List by Siobhan Vivian

Reviewed by B. Ullsvik, October 2019

Imagine being in a high school where they pick out the prettiest and ugliest girls of each grade, the week before homecoming. That is exactly what it is like at Mount Washington High, and each girl deals with the news in their own way. Danielle is the ugliest freshman, and she doesn’t know how her boyfriend will take the news. Abby is the prettiest freshman, and that causes some problems in her family. Candace is the ugliest sophomore, and she definitely thinks she should have beaten the new girl Lauren, who won the prettiest sophomore. Sarah got the ugliest junior, and she showed it off with pride. Bridget won the prettiest junior but knows that she put her health at risk to do so. Jenifer got the ugliest senior, making she the ugliest girl four years in a row. First time in Mount Washington history that that has happened. Margo won the prettiest senior, but that comes with facing old fears.