Minutes, October 17, 2023


Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 5:00 pm

Poynette Area Public Library


Call to Order and Roll Call - The meeting was called to order at 5:03 PM by President Jason Koopmans. Attending the meeting were Board Members Darcy Miller, Linda Ross, Jerry Pritzl, Joni DeYoung, Linda Ross, and Meghan Visger. Library Director Jodi Bailey was also present.


Certification of Proper Notice – Yes


Guests in Attendance – Candidates for open Poynette Library Board Trustee position. 

A. Library Board reviewed letters of application on September 12, 2023.

B. Board members will ask questions of applicants in person on October 17, 2023.

C. Vote is held by signed and dated ballot: majority vote.


Public Comments – None


Adoption of Agenda - A motion to adopt the agenda was made by Miller, seconded by Pritzl; Motion carried.


Approval of Minutes from September 12, 2023 - A motion to adopt the September meeting minutes as presented was made by Koopmans, seconded by Pritzl; Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report Presented by Treasurer Linda Ross - The library checking account at Bank First has a balance of $5,444.29 as of September 30, 2023. The SCLS Foundation account has a balance of $1,761.61 as of September 30, 2023.


Current Budget Review - Director Bailey presented the budget.


Director’s Report – The bookmobile was invited to participate in the PHS Homecoming Parade on September 20th. Director Bailey enjoyed taking the bookmobile to the Poynette Farmers Market, showcasing library programs, and sharing upcoming events with community members through September 23rd. She is working with two vendors on the library’s 2024 copier lease. Gerry Heuer retired from working the circulation desk at the end of September. The staff is hosting a community celebration in honor of Gerry’s 20 years of dedicated service to Poynette Library on Tuesday, October 17th. The staff attended several webinars, classes, and meetings throughout the month for planning purposes, continuing education, and safety training. Community involvement in September included utilizing the Bookmobile to deliver materials in support of the Pioneer Place outreach program, in-home daycare deliveries, home-bound delivery, participation in the Poynette Homecoming Parade, and promoting the library at the Farmers Market.


Village of Poynette Meeting Update - The “Impact Fee Needs Assessment” prepared by Craig Malin, Poynette Village Administrator, was reviewed and discussed. Library Board Trustees plan to attend the Public Hearing scheduled for Monday, Oct. 23rd.


Friends of the Library Report - Director Bailey stated that the Friends are currently working towards getting donations for the Silent Auction. They will also be passing out books at the Christmas in the Village Parade on Saturday, December 2nd.




  1. Approval of Vouchers for Library – Koopmans made a motion to accept the vouchers as presented, seconded by Miller; Motion carried.
  2. Discuss/consider Candidates for Library Board Trustee Vacancy - The Board voted for the Library Board Trustee. The majority vote was in favor of a candidate.
  3. Discuss Bookmobile Committee Update - The Committee shared that there were many submissions from all ages. Bryce Kitson will take the drawings and create a collaborative community design for the Bookmobile wrap. The Bookmobile Committee will be meeting again on November 14th to review and discuss the first mock-up design.
  4. Discuss/ consider Library Impact Fees; attend Oct. 23 Public Hearing at Poynette Village Hall - Library Trustees and patrons are encouraged to attend the Public Hearing at the Poynette Village Hall on October 23rd to show their support for the Library Impact Fee ordinance.
  5. Discuss/consider the 2024 Budget Committee update - Director Bailey will make a few final changes after the auditor review. Then the final budget will go before the Village Board for their approval on Nov. 13. Director Bailey thanked Natalie Megow, Village Clerk, for all her hard work and the assistance she provided during the budget process.
  6. Discuss/consider 2024 copier contract vendor proposals from Rhyme and Gordon Flesch - Director Bailey shared the cost comparisons between the two companies. Rhyme gave a better price and has been providing quality customer service for the last several years, so the decision was made to renew the contract with Rhyme.
  7. Discuss Agenda items for the next meeting on November 14, 2023 - Business Agenda items 1, 3, 4, 7 and any items that may arise.


Adjournment - The meeting adjourned at 5:58 PM.


Respectively submitted by Meghan Visger, Secretary.