Nailed by Patrick Jones

Reviewed by B. Ullsvik, November 2019

Bret is your average kid in the summer of junior year. He goes to a few parties, sleeps all day, and rocks out his band. His summer changes completely when he and his friends go to a sophomore graduation party. When he is there, his crush, Kylee, says that she likes him and wants to date him. He says yes and bam they are dating. They are together all the time over the summer. And once school starts things are no different. Bret is back to his normal life, getting bullied by all the jocks and failing his classes. Kylee seems to be the only thing keeping him from going insane. Bret also manages to get on his principal’s bad side, which isn’t a good thing. Throughout the junior year, Bret faces many problems including his dad, Kylee and one of his best friends, and of course school. He has to handle all of this before he gets in serious trouble and in doing that he makes some of the toughest decisions of his life.

P.S this book contains some mature content. Not for readers of a young age.