The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Reviewed by H. McNicol, March 2021

The Gladers have escaped the maze, and have taken refuge in a dorm-like facility. Their moment of safety is over when a group of cranks, zombie-like humans, attack the facility and kill the group's rescuers. Thomas stumbles upon Aris inplace of Theresa, a boy who claims he was in another maze. A strange man then appears to tell the gladers they must get ready for phase 2, the scorch trials. Several boys are quickly killed in this dangerous phase. The gladers are lucky to come across Brenda and Jorge, who agree to help them complete their task of finding the safe haven. Will Thomas find Thersea? Will the Gladers the reader has come to love survive? Will they reach the safe haven? You’ll have to read The Scorch Trials to find out!

I highly recommend this book. Similarly to its previous part, The Maze Runner, the book depicts a more violence filled dystopian novel. The Scorch Trials does read slower than the other books in the series, but it is more than worth reading to continue the series.