A Woman's Place by Lynn Austin

Reviewed by A. Klink, September 2020

This book takes place in the time of the early 1940s, where the reader is met with 4 women who all have different backgrounds. Helen, a retired school teacher looking for something to keep her occupied in the absence of her parents, Ginny, a housewife searching for her voice and independence, Jean, a 18 year old determined to not fall into the norms of being a housewife, and Rosa, a transplant to the small town, who is trying to change the minds of her inlaws. They all end up uniting in a pier shop turned war machine factory, assigned to the only all woman team. Together, the women unite and work together to solve their own problems as well as the ones that they all face together. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes stories about triumphs over internal conflict. Each lady has their own reason for being there, and it is clearly represented in the story. There are chapters where it focuses on one certain woman at home, and there are others to show the dynamics and thoughts that they all have when they are working together. This book is a page turner, and is very hard to set down as the reader is on a voyage through the lives of Ginny, Rosa, Helen, and Jean.