You Will Be Mine by Natasha Preston

Reviewed by W. Erickson, January 2019

You Will Be Mine by Natasha Preston is a book of a girl named Lylah and her group of college friends go out partying near the holidays with Valentine's day coming up. As they are about to leave the doorbell rings but nobody is there. An envelop sits there on the door mat. It's an anonymous note addressed to there friend Sonny. The group laughs about it and the possibility of a secret admirer. But later that night when Sonny separates from the group he never returns. Then next note then arrives.

You Will Be Mine is a great book that quickly captures reader interests and gets the audience engaged quickly. I would highly recommend this as well as any other books of Natasha Preston’s to any teens that like horror, thriller, or mystery type of things that keeps you on edge of your seat and wouldn’t want to set down until your finished. Definitely a book to read!